College of Social Sciences

Campaign Priorities

Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship
  • Endow teaching fellows to support recent doctorates or doctoral candidates’ research in areas such as globalization, technology, immigration and poverty. 
  • Invest in Faculty Excellence Funds to support research, professional development and recognition for stellar contributions. 
  • Endow a chair in economics to build on the college’s specialization in the study of free-market economics. 
  • Establish a Center for Global Innovation and Immigration Studies to promote cross-disciplinary discourse. 
  • Establish a Center for Race, Gender, and Ethnicity to provide students with opportunities for personal and professional growth through a student support center, and allow faculty to drive multidisciplinary, community-based applied research in African-American, Asian-American, Mexican-American and Women’s Studies programs. 
  • Establish an Institute for State and Local Politics for faculty research, teaching and student internship programs.
An Investment in Students
  • Invest in Student Enrichment Funds to recognize outstanding scholars, sponsor academic events and support professional development seminars.
Gateway to Silicon Valley and Beyond
  • Sponsor study abroad and international field work scholarships to support global initiatives such as attending university-sponsored programs abroad, international research projects and conducting field study with faculty.

Giving Opportunities

Endowed and expendable funds can be used to support the College of Social Sciences in this campaign. Examples include:

  • Deanship $3 million
  • Chair $2 million
  • Professorship $1 million
  • Scholarships $25,000+
  • Centers of Excellence $3 to $10 million
  • Opportunity Fund $100,000+
  • Programmatic support $100,000+
  • Classrooms and facilities $50,000+

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