College of Science

Campaign Priorities

Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship
  • Endow the deanship to advance the strategic vision of the college and support programs and projects that exemplify the college’s standard of excellence.
  • Endow chairs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education, biotechnology, clinical lab sciences, and global climate change.
  • Ensure teaching excellence in emerging programs such as medical informatics, applied physics, biofuels, alternative energy, open source computer science and applied mathematics/statistics, at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
An Investment in Students
  • Invest in shared teaching and research equipment tailored to our technology-dependent college, including new computer labs in computer science, geology and chemistry, and smart classrooms.
  • Provide scholarship/research support to attract the brightest, most talented students.
  • Establish a Student Success Center to advise and support science students, STEM students, underrepresented minorities, and women with scholarly and leadership potential.
Gateway to Silicon Valley and Beyond
  • Establish a Center for STEM Education: A one-of-a-kind hub of resources in the South Bay, the center will provide student scholarships, sustainable programs, and ongoing professional development for middle and high school teachers. Co-sponsored by the colleges of engineering and education.
  • Ongoing professional development for middle and high school teachers, as well as exemplary services make it a one-of-a-kind resource hub in the South Bay.

Giving Opportunities

Endowed and expendable funds can be used to support the College of Science in this campaign. Examples include:

  • Deanship $3 million
  • Chair $2 million
  • Professorship $1 million
  • Scholarships $25,000+
  • Center for STEM Education $5 million
  • Centers of Excellence $3 to $10 million
  • Opportunity Fund $100,000+
  • Programmatic support $100,000+
  • Classrooms/facilities $50,000+

Show your Spartan pride.

Your gift will help supply future generations with an affordable education, first-rate scholars and programs, and ever-expanding opportunities to serve, lead and grow.