Campaign Priorities

Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship
  • Endow the athletic director position to advance the strategic vision and initiatives of the division.
  • Endow positions for coaches to recruit and retain the best and most accomplished professionals.
  • Enhance the Gadway Academic Success Center to support academic services, advisors, and provide access to state-of-the-art technology.
  • Create an athletic training program to provide athletes with the best medical services and training.
  • Acquire the best equipment and expand travel opportunities to compete at the highest levels.
  • Establish a workforce development program to provide opportunities for students to gain valuable professional skills by working in areas such as business, marketing, facilities management and logistics, and media relations.
An Investment in Students
  • Establish a robust scholarship program to attract, recruit and support student athletes. These scholarships help student-athletes compete at the highest level in the classroom and on the field and develop as role models and leaders who empower, inspire and motivate.
Gateway to Silicon Valley and Beyond
  • Create a supportive and enriching environment for our student-athletes and ensure an exciting game-day experience for alumni and fans by upgrading and renovating existing facilities, including Spartan Stadium where a new entrance and Hall of Fame are envisioned.
  • Strengthen the bond between San José State University, its Division of Intercollegiate Athletics, and the community through the Junior Spartan Program, which provides unique one-on-one interaction opportunities between local youth and our student-athletes.

Giving Opportunities

Endowed and expendable funds can be used to support the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics in this campaign. Examples include:

Scholarship Giving Opportunities

  • Fully Endowed Scholarships $350,000+
  • Partially Endowed Scholarships $25,000+
  • General scholarship Fund varied

Other Giving Opportunities

  • Endowed Athletic Directorship $4M
  • Endowed Coaches $1M+
  • Athletic Training Fund $100,000+
  • Sport Program Funds $100,000+
  • Facility Improvement Funds $100K+
  • Athletic Excellence Fund $25K+

Show your Spartan pride.

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